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George Jewell is the earliest know ancestor, (or Georgious Jule as shown in the I.G.I.) I have been able to discover. According to my research he was baptised on 24 December 1567 in the Parish of Poughill, in Cornwall.

Unfortunately I have not been able to determine who George's parents were. There is however evidence that George had a sister, Anglicana who was baptised on the 4th August 1571. There are also a number of other Jewell's baptised in Poughill, however they were either baptised 20 years prior to George and Anglicana, or in some cases 40 years after. The strogest possibilty is that their parents could have been Richard Jewel (or Ricus. Jule as shown in the I.G.I.) and Joanna Balhatchett, who were married in the Parish of Poughill on the 25th November 1566, however I will need to conduct further research to confirm this, however there are no other recorded marriages of any Jewells in Poughill, so it does seem likely.

On the 19th December 1577, in the parish of Marhamchurch, George Jewell married Jone Harrye, who was apparently also born in the Parish of Marhamchurch. Marhamchurch is about two and a half miles further south of Poughill. As well as being parishes both Marhamchurch and Poughill are shown as villages, but in the sixteenth century, it is likely that there was little there but the church, some farm houses, and maybe a pub.

The Jewell’s being in this part of North Cornwall supports the possibility of our name being derived from that of Judhael de Totnes, as Froxton one of his Cornish estates was just south of Marhamchurch. For further information have a look at History of the Jewell name

To place George and Jone in historical perspective, they were born in the middle years of the reign of one of England’s greatest monarch Queen Elizabeth 1st (1558 to 1603). These were turbulent times - Elizabeth was the third of King Henry VIII’s children to ascend to the throne inside eleven years, and the daughter of the second of Henry’s six wives, Ann Boleyn. Henry VIII had broken away from what is known as the Roman Catholic church, which caused religious conflict through the land, and England was at war with Spain. In 1588 the greatest Spanish Armada was in the Channel, endeavoring to gain control , and launch an invasion on England.

According to the International Genealogy Index (I.G.I.) George and Jone had a total of 5 children;

Digory Jewell - baptised 13th May 1584
Margaret Jewell - baptised 22nd July 1587
Nicholas Jewell - baptised 10th March 1589
Jone Jewell - baptised 2nd February 1599
Humphrie Jewell - baptised 14th February 1602

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