Family of Charity Caddy

Charity Caddy was the fifth child of Elizabeth Jewell and Richard Caddy, and was baptised on the 5th June 1808, in the Parish of Wendron.

An initial search of the I.G.I, has discovered that the name Charity Caddy was not a popular one during that time, and as such there only only a few records. There was however only 1 possible marriage, and that was to a Richard Oliver, however it occured on the 17th February 1803, 5 years before Charity was baptised. It is there highly unlikely that this marriage did involve "my" Charity.

I will obviously need to conduct further research to establish what became of Charity. In the meantime if anyone has anymore information about Charity, or you feel you may be a descendant of hers, please contact me at

Last Updated 6th November 1996