Family of Richard Matthew

Richard Matthew was the fifth child of Christian Odgers and Richard Matthew, and was baptised on the 26th July 1807, in the Parish of Constantine.

Following a search of the I.G.I., I have discovered that Richard married Mary Harris in the Parish of Redruth on 27th July 1828. I have also discovered that Richard and Mary had 4 children. They were;

Richard Matthew - baptised 12th July 1829
Mary Jane Matthew - baptised 17th October 1831
Richard Matthew - baptised 25th December 1832
William Harris Matthew - baptised 25th December 1834

At the time of writing this I have not been able to determine whether any of the above children married, whether they had any children of their own, or what became of them. If anyone has anymore information about them, or you feel you may be one of their descendants, please contact me at

Last Updated 6th November 1996