Family of William Northey

William Northey was the third child of Jane Moyle and Henry Northey. According to information supplied by one of William's descendants, William married Elizabeth Edwards. They had 6 children;

Thomas Northey - born 1830/31
Jane Northey - born 1833/34
William Northey - born 1839
Nanny Northey - born 1843
Rose Northey - born 1846
Josiah Martin Northey - born 1846

Josiah, the sixth child mentioned emigrated to the United States. Later he married Barbara Annetta Kirkland in Armstrong County, Pennsylvannia. Josiah and Barbara had 8 children. They were;

Howard Martin Northey
Clarence Northey
Earl Edward Northey
Thomas Northey
Lorentz Northey
Stella Northey
Clarabelle Northey
Walter Nevin Northey

Walter Northey, the 8th child mentioned above was born in 1891 in Carnegie, Pennsylvannia. On the 5th August 1910, Walter married Theresa Klippel in Chicago, USA.. Walter and Theresa had 7 children. They were;

Walter Martin Northey - born 1911 in Chicago
Charles Josiah Northey - born 1913 in Chicago
Edwin Earl Northey - born 1918 in Gary, Indiana
Evelyn Eva Northey - born 1920 in Gary, Indiana
Ella Annette Northey - born 1924 in Gary, Indiana
Elizabeth Loraine Northey - born 1926 in Gary, Indiana
William Mead Northey - born 1917 in Gary, Indiana

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