Family of Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell was the fourth child of Richard Jewell and Elizabeth Phillips., and was baptised on the 1at February 1814, in the Parish of St Ithians, Cornwall.

On the 23rd October 1841, Richard married Charity Tippett in the Church of England, in Wendron. Charity Tippett was the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Tippett (nee Dalley) and was baptised on the 26th June 1814. Richard and Charity had 2 boys & 2 girls, all shown as being baptised in the parish of Carmenellis.

The details of Richard & Charity's children are as follows.

Mary Jane Tippett Jewell- Born sometime around 1839
Elizabeth Jewell- baptised 30/07/1843
Richard Jewell- baptised 31/08/1845
John Jewell- baptised 25/04/1847

Unfortunately I know little of where Richard and Charity lived or what became of them. According to the 1851 Cencus, there does not appear to be any record of them in Lancarrow, or even in the Parish of Carmenllis. Future research will hopefully discover more about Richard & Charity.

Mary Jane Tippett Jewell

You will notice that I do not have the exact date of birth for Mary Jane Tippett Jewell. The main reason for this is that the details of her birth do not exist. Please refer to the section on Mary for more details.

Elizabeth Jewell

According family stories it is believed that Elizabeth travelled to America with someone called Paul. To date I have not been able to ascertain exactly when she left, where she got married, or her descendants.

Richard Jewell

Richard unfortunately was a statistic of the still high mortalitly rate. I have been able to obtain a copy his Death Certificate, which shows he died at the age of 7 from Typhoid. Today he would have been cured however in those days typhoid was a killer, especially amongst children.

John Jewell

As for John Jewell, it is he that I am directly related, and the one that came to Australia. Please see the Chapter on John Jewell.

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