Family of Elizabeth Odgers

Elizabeth Odgers was the fourth child of Mary Jewell and Allen Odgers, and was baptised on the th July 1770, in the Parish of Wendron.

An extensive search of the I.G.I., found a number of possible marriages involving Elizabeth Odgers. It seems unlike her older sister, Christian whos name was an unusual one, there were numerous Elizabeth Odgers. Unfortunately none of the marriages I found occured in the Parish of Wendron, or in any of the nearby Parishes.

There are a number of possibilities involving Elizabeth. She could have moved to another County or migrated overseas to start a new life. or there is the strong possibility that she died as a child. It maybe that Elzabeth did survive, remained in the area and never had children.

Hopefully future research will determine ehat became of Elizabeth. In the meantime If anyone has anymore information about Elizabeth, or you feel you may be one of her descendants, please contact me at

Last Updated 6th November 1996