Family of Christian Odgers

Christian Odgers was the second child of Mary Jewell and Allen Odgers, and was baptised on the 15th July 1770, in the Parish of Wendron.

On searching the I.G.I., I discovered that the name Christian Odgers was an unusual one, and as such there were very few records showing this name. Despite this I did find a marriage involving Christian Odgers. It seems Christian married Richard Matthew on the 31st October 1797, in the Parish of Constantine. I should also add that the Parish of Constantine just happens to be next door to the Parish of Wendron.

Accrding to the I.G.I., Richard Matthew was baptised on the 24th January 1768. His parents were recorded as Geroge and Grace Matthew.

A subsequent search of the I.G.I., did discover that Christian and George had 5 children, all showing as being baptised in the Parish of Constantine. They were;

Elizabeth Matthew - baptised 17th July 1768
Catherine Matthew - baptised 1st June 1800
Charity Matthew - baptised 27th December 1801
Christian Matthew - baptised 29th July 1804
Richard Matthew - baptised 26th July 1807

Last Updated 6th November 1996