Family of John Sherme

John Sherme was the fifth child of Mary Jewell and John Sherme, and was baptised on the 10th December 1639, in the Parish of Kilkhampton.

A search of the I.G.I, has discovered a number of marriages involving John, however the most likely was to Thomasine Adams on the 1st November 1678. I also discovered that John and Thomasine had 6 children. They were;

Margaret Sherme - baptised in August 1679
John Sherme - baptised 20th May 1681
Phillipe Sherme - baptised in March 1683
Benjamin Sherme - baptised 7th May 1685
Joana Sherme - baptised 26th December 1687
Thomas Sherme - baptised 24th June 1690

Last Updated 6th November 1996