Family of James Moyle

James Moyle was the seventh child of Thomas Moyle and Jane Jewell, and was baptised on the 28th November 1808, in the Parish of Wendron. According to the I.G.I., James married Grace Oppey (or Appey) on the 3rd April 1830, in the Parish of Wendron. The reason why I am not certain of Grace's surname, is because the I.G.I., shows both surnames. At this stage I have not determined when Grace was born/baptised, or who her parents were. I did however discover that James and Grace had 5 children, all shown as being born in Wendron. They were;

Jane Moyle - born 8th August 1830
James Moyle - born 12th February 1832
Thomas Moyle - born 1st December 1833
Jane Moyle - born 1st November 1835
Grace Moyle - born 27th November 1836

At this stage I have not attempted to locate any of the above children married or had children of their own. If anyone has anymore information or if you feel you may be a descendant of theirs, please contact me at

Last Updated 6th November 1996