Family of Edward Moyle

Edward Moyle was the fifth child of Thomas Moyle and Jane Jewell, and was baptised on the 20th May 1804, in the Parish of Wendron.

By the 1800's the name Edward Moyle was becoming a popular one, and as such there were numerous instances when Edward Moyle married. According to the I.G.I., there were 2 possible marriages invloving Edward, in the Parish of Wendron. The details are as follows;

Spouse Place of Marriage Date of Marriage
Jane Pryor Wendron, Cornwall 17th May 1828
Grace Ogders Wendron, Cornwall 19th December 1829

At this stage I do not which, if any, of these marriages involved "my" Edward Moyle. Hopefully future research will establish which marriage is the correct one and what became of Edward.

In the meantime if anyone has anymore information about Edward, or you feel you may be one of his descendants, please contact me at

Last Updated 6th November 1996