Family of Henry Jewell

Henry Jewell was the seventh child of James Jewell and Elizabeth Polerick and was baptised on the 25th December 1824, in the Parish of Wendron.

According to Bob McCarthy, Henry, his older brother, and an uncle Richard Jewell (born around 1776) travelled to Canada to start a new life. Not long after arriving in Canada, Henry Jewell married an English girl named Tamzen Poade. Bob McCarthy is a direct descendant of Henry Jewell's. Henry is Bob's Great-Great-Grandfather. If you would like more information please contact Bob McCarthy.

However according to Roger & Roberta Peeples, Henry married an Elizabeth (surname not known). Apparently the had 8 children. They were;

John Jewell - born around 1853
Ann Jewell - born around 1856
William Jewell - born around 1860
Ellen Jewell - born 2nd August 1861
Elizabeth Jane Jewell - born 24th February 1863
Charles Wesley Jewell - born 27th July 1864
Mary Jewell - born 16th February 1866
Frances Jewell - born 24th February 1869

Last Updated 6th November 1996