Family of Margaret Jewell

Margaret Jewell was the second child of George and Johan Jewell. According to information taken from the International Genealogy Index (I.G.I.), Margraret Jewell was baptised on the 22nd July 1587, in Marhamchurch,Cornwall, England.

An intital search of the I.G.I., has discovered that Margaret married John Moone on the 14th October 1594, in the Parish of Marhamchurch. Looking at the dates, the first reaction to this marriage is that it could not be possible, given that Margaret was baptised in 1584. It should be noted that not all children were baptised immediately after they were born. A careful study of the I.G.I., indicates that there was no other Margaret baptised (born) in Marhamchurch prior to this marriage. Unless research proves otherwise it seems highly likely that the marriage of Margaret and John, did involve "my" Margaret.

Regarding Margaret's husband John Moone, there was a number of John Moon(e)'s baptised between 1550 - 1594. The most likely was a John Moone baptised on the 24th December 1578, in Broadoak, Cornwall. His parents are shown as Mathew and Elizabeth Moone.

A further search of the I.G.I., has discovered only 2 children being baptised to John and Margaret Moon. Both were baptised in the Parish of Bodim. They were;

Roger Moone - baptised 2nd October 1587
Katherine Moone - baptised 1st December 1589

Last Updated 6th November 1996