Family of John Jewell

John Jewell was the second child of John Jewell and Mary Jenkins, and was baptised on the 29th August 1762, in the Parish of Wendron.

According to the I.G.I, John married Jennipher Moyle on the 18th March 1781, in the Parish of Wendron. At this stage I have not established when Jennipher was baor./baptised or who her parents were. It will be interesting to find out, as there are a number of Jewells who married Moyles, and it maybe that thJohn and Jennipher were related.

A further search of the I.G.I. has found only 1 record of a child being born to John and Jennipher. He was;

John Jewell - baptised 18th March 1781

Unfortunately I have not been able to locate any other children born to John and Jennipher. There are a number of reasons, one of them could include the possibility that Jennipher died as a result of complications from the birth of John, or a later child which also died. Hopefully further research will determine what became of John and Jennipher.

Last Updated 6th November 1996