Family of Digory Jewell

Digory Jewell was the first child of George and Johan Jewell. According to the I.G.I., he was baptised on the 13th May 1584, in the Parish of Marhamchurch.

On then 13th February 1614 Digory married Johan Shearme in the nearby Parish of Meheniot. A search of the I.G.I., has found only 1 record of batisimal or birth of Johan Shearme. It seems she was baptised around 1602 in the Parish of Kilkhampton. Unfortunately the is no record of who her parents are. At first glance one could wonder how this is possible given that Johan was married only 12 years after being baptised. It must be remembered that children were not always baptised after they were born. Johan could have been baptised many years after she was actually born.

Research indicates that Digory and Johan had a total of 8 children;

George Jewell - baptised 12th May 1616
Mary Jewell - baptised 22nd February 1617
Philipe Jewell - baptised 14th May 1620
Johan Jewell - baptised 24th December 1621
William Jewell - baptised 1st February 1623
Thomas Jewell - baptised 24th December 1621
Richard Jewell - baptised 23rd December 1630
Hope Jewell - baptised 10th February 1632

Last Updated 6th November 1996