Family of Thomas Jewell

Thomas Jewell was the sixth child f Digory Jewell and Johan Shearme. According to information I obtained from the I.G.I., Thomas married Margery Derry (daughter of John Derry, baptised on 10th August 1617) at Menheniot on 3rd January 1643.

According to the I.G.I., Thomas and Margery had only 3 children (a small number in those times), all shown as being baptised in Menheniot, Cornwall, England. They were;

William Jewell - baptised 13th November 1662
Mary Jewell - baptised 13th November 1662
Peter Jewell - baptised 13th November 1662

Even though all 3 of Thomas and Margery's children were baptised on the same day, it does not necessarily mean that they were triplets. They could have been actually born on different dates and for convenience, all baptised on the same date.

Last Updated 6th November 1996