Family of Mathias Jewell

Mathias was the first and only child of William Jewell, and was baptised on the 2nd October 1681, in the Parish of St Stephans in Branel.

Further research indicates that Mathias continued the migration, probably in search of work, and ended up in Wendron, one of Cornwall's largest Parishes. On 16th July 1707 Mathias Jewell married Jane Jenkin in the Parish of Wendron. Jane Jenkin was baptised on the 6th January 1684, in the Parish of Helston, daughter of Abraham Jenkin. I have been able to track down that they had 4 children, all shown as being baptised in the parish of Wendron. They were;

Mathias Jewell - baptised 17th February 1707
William Jewell - baptised 3rd April 1711
Mary Jewell - baptised 10th June 1719
Absolam Jewell - baptised 29th May 1721

Last Updated 6th November 1996