Family of Richard Jewell

According to information taken from the International Genealogy Index (I.G.I.), Richard Jewell was baptised on the 23rd Jully 1749 in the Parish of Wendron, Cornwall, England. Richard was the fifth child of Mathias Jewell and Grace Pedler.

A further search of the I.G.I., has discovered a number of marriages involving Richard, however the most likely seems to be to a Mary Morcomber on the 4th August 1782, in the Parish of Wendron.

A subsequent search of the I.G.I., has discovered that Richard and Mary had 5 children. They were;

Richard Jewell - baptised 11th July 1784
Elizabeth Jewell - baptised 9th July 1786
Matthew Jewell - baptised 8th June 1794
Ann Jewell - baptised 17th July 1796
Mary Jewell - baptised 21st October 1798

An initial search of the I.G.I., has discovered that by the late 1700's and early 1800's that all the above names were becoming popular particularly around the Wendron and the surrounding Parishes. As you can imagine by now the "Jewell" family is growing. Unfortunately there was a number of possible marriages invloving each of the above children, and without more extensive research I am not able to determine if they married and to whom. I also unable to determine who their descendants were.

In the meantime if anyone has anymore information about any of the above children, or you feel you may be one of their descendants, please contact me at

Last Updated 6th November 1996