Family of Grace Jewell

According to information taken from the International Genealogy Index (I.G.I.), Grace Jewell was baptised on the 10th December 1738, in the Parish of Wendron, Cornwall, England. Grace was the third child of Mathias Jewell and Grace Pedler.

A search of the I.G.I records, shows that Grace married Edward Moyle on the 26th of January 1759, in the Parish of Wendron, Cornwall. Another search of the I.G.I, has discovered only 1 possible record for the birth/baptisimal of Edward Moyle. It seems he was born in 1710, in the Parish of Wendron. Interstingly there is no record of who his parents were. The I.G.I., simply shows a relative - James H. Moyle.

A further search of the I.G.I., has found that they had 9 children. They were;

William Moyle - baptised 24th May 1761
Elizabeth Moyle - baptised 12th February 1764
Edward Moyle - baptised 19th January 1766
Thomas Moyle - baptised 1st November 1767
Mary Moyle - baptised 7th January 1770
Edward Moyle - baptised 12th July 1772
Jane Moyle - baptised 3rd May 1775
John Moyle - baptised 28th March 1778
Ann Moyle - baptised 21st May 1780

Last Updated 6th November 1996