Family of Mathias Jewell

Mathias Jewell was the first child of Mathias Jewell and Jane Jenkin, and was baptised on 17th February 1707, in the Parish of Wendron.

On the 1st November 1730, in the Parish of Wendron, Mathias Jewell married Grace Pedler. Grace Pedler was baptised on the 26th December 1707. Only her father Edmund Pedler is shown. According to research Mathias and Grace had 5 boys & 2 girls, all were baptised in the Parish of Wendron. They were;

John Jewell - baptised 28th February 1732
Mary Jewell - baptised 30th November 1734
Grace Jewell - baptised 10th December 1738
Mathias Jewell - baptised 1st November 1742
William Jewell - baptised 2nd February 1745
Richard Jewell - baptised 23rd Jully 1749
Absolam Jewell - baptised 23rd June 1754

Last Updated 6th November 1996