Family of Jane Jewell

Jane Jewell was the third child of Mathias Jewell and Elizabeth Moyle, and was baptised on the 19th February 1769, in the Parish of Wendron, Cornwall.

A search of the I.G.I records, shows that Jane Jewell married her first cousin Thomas Moyle on the 6th of April 1793, in the Parish of Wendron, Cornwall. Thomas Moyle was the son of Edward Moyle and Grace Jewell, and was baptised on the 1st Novemeber 1767, in the Parish of Wendron.

A further search of the I.G.I., has found that Jane and Thomas had 8 children. They were;

Thomas Moyle - baptised 1st June 1794
Elizabeth Moyle - baptised 12th March 1797
Jane Moyle - baptised 2nd June 1799
John Moyle - baptised 20th June 1802
Edward Moyle - baptised 20th May 1804
Matthias Moyle - baptised 7th April 1806
James Moyle - baptised 28th November 1808
Phillis Moyle - baptised 9th February 1812

Last Updated 6th November 1996