Family of Mathias Jewell

Mathias Jewell was the fourth child Mathias Jewell and Grace Pedler, and was baptised on the 1st November 1742, in the Parish of Wendron.

On the 4th January 1766, Mathias married Elizabeth Moyle in the Parish of Wendron, . A initial search of the I.G.I. for a record of Elizabeth Moyle has turned up a number of possible baptisimal/birth records for Elizabeth. At this stage I can't be certain which record belongs to this Elizabeth Moyle.

Like Mathia's parents (Mathias and Grace), Mattias and Elizabeth also had a large family consisting of 2 boys, and 6 girls. They were all baptised in the Parish of Wendron. They were;

Elizabeth Jewell - baptised 14th April 1766
Ann Jewell - baptised 26th June 1767
Jane Jewell - baptised 19th February 1769
Anne Jewell - baptised 1st April 1771
William Jewell - baptised 11th June 1775
Philly Jewell - baptised 3rd September 1780
Richard Jewell - baptised 5th January 1783
Phillis Jewell - baptised 10th February 1786

Last Updated 6th November 1996