Family of Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell was the seventh child of Mathias Jewell and Elizabeth Moyle. and was baptised on the 5th January 1783, in he Parish of Wendron.

According to my research Richard married Elizabeth Phillips married in the Parish of Wendron on 4th July 1807. I have scanned a copy of the entry in the Parish register - NB the graphic is 800 x 906 pixels - to view the copy click here. According to my research they had 4 boys & 5 girls, all shown as being baptised in the Parish of St Ithians. They were

The reason they were all baptised in StIthians is unclear, however I have discovered that Richard and his family lived close to the border of the Parish of Wendron and the Parish of St Ithians. It could be that they lived in Wendron, but their church was over the border and in St Ithians.

Richard Jewell - baptised 13th July 1808
Elizabeth Jewell - baptised 28th January 1810
Ann Jewell - baptised 12th January 1812
Richard Jewell - baptised 1st February 1814
Matthew Jewell - baptised 2nd August 1818
Jenefer Jewell - baptised 10th February 1821
Caroline Jewell - baptised 23rd April 1823
William Jewell - baptised 23rd January 1825
Sophia Jewell - baptised 30th July 1828

Unfortunately Richard died on the 28th of May 1841. According to his death certificate, a copy of which I have, he died of Asthma. A common diesease amongst miners, and with little or no cure.

Thnaks to information supplied to me from "Cousin" Don Jewell, I have been able to determine that Richard and his family lived in a region known as "Lancarrow", in the Parish of Carmenellis. This supports my earlier belief that Richard and his family lived close to the borders of the Parishes of Wendron and St Ithians

If you are interested I have a Map showing the Carmenellis Ecclesiastical District in 1861 (NB the GIF file is 900 x 1300). You will see near the top of the map, the region of Lancarrow.

According to the 1841 Cencus the following members of Richard's family were still living in Lancarrow.

Name Age at Cencus Occupation listed
Richard 25 Copper Miner
Elizabeth 50
Matthew 20 Copper Miner
Jane 20 Copper Miner
William 15 Copper Miner
Sophia 10
Grace 10

When you compare the Cencus information with the baptisimal records, there are a number of differencers, and questions that need to be investigated. Hopefully when time permits I can investigate this area further.

I have also been fortunate to be given a copy of a Tithe Map, showing the Estates of Gregwartha & Lancarrow. On the map it shows where Richard Jewell lived. Apparently he owned 11 acres in that area.

Last Updated 6th November 1996