Below are details of some Jewell Family Reunions. If you know of a "Jewell Family" Reunion that has taken place or is to be organised, please let us know and we will gladly place information about the Reunion here.

Future Reunions

A Jewell Family Reunion is to be held in Sullivan County, on the weekend of June 9, 2001. Descendents, researchers, families and friends of Seth and Lydia Bridwell Jewell, and Sanford and Susanah Jewell are welcome to attend. Please contact Paula Edens by return email ( if you are interested in more details. Prizes will be given for the attendees who: travel the greatest distance to the reunion; provide the longest documented family history; oldest and youngest; largest family in attendance; etc.

Past Reunions

*Jewell Family Reunion held on 14th April 1996

*Jewell Family Reunion held on 20th April 1997

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