Over the months I have received numerous queries from other Jewell family researchers asking for information and/or assistance with their research. More often than not I have unfortunately not been able to provide answers, however there maybe others out there who can. To assist all Jewell Family Researchers I have developed this Query page so that I can share these queries and maybe someone else can help.

I have split this query page into 2 sections;

If you would like to post a query simply fill in my query form, or send me a mail message (bruce@jewell.asn.au) providing brief details of your query. To save space please only specify your e-mail address, the name your are querying, the area, and the period.

If you would like a page showing more detailed information regarding your query, please read this.

Queries on Specific Members of the Jewell Family
Family Researched Region / Country Years E-Mail Address
Aaron Wiley Jewel Germantown Ohio 1800s mjrite@aol.com
Abraham Jewell Armstrong County, PA, USA 1820 - 1880 RichJewell@aol.com
Alfred Jewell MI. 1883-1960 LitNan_63@Hotmail.Com
Alfred Harold Jewell Subiaco Perth Western Australia 1916-1969 crownjewells@yahoo.com
Andrew Jewell Kiolding, Denmark>USA 1874>Nebraska 1882 1874 largyle@micron.net
Archie Jewell Stratton District 1889 - ???? Davit16@aol.com
Alfred Jewell Cornwall, Eng. > Canada Early 1880s jgroves@netcom.ca
Anna Jewell Brentwood, NH 1791 - 1843 jnewsom7@airmail.net
Basil Jewell Frederick County/Prince George's, MD 1765-1840 pje6431@hotmail.com
Benjamin Jewell Cornwall or Devon c1790 jgroves@netcom.ca
Benjamin Jewell Charleston, SC 1800s pat@pcola.gulf.net
Berzilla or Lillie Jewell Ohio 1869 --1924 sbysinger@sprintmail.com
Bishop John Jewell North of Devonshire 1522 rjewell@midsouth.rr.com
Blanch Jewell Camborne, Cornwell 1800's szada@zades.com.au
Bridget Jewell Stithney Cornwall 1700's rtrounc@sierratel.com
Captain Jewell anywhere, at sea 1700's margo@teleport.com
Charles Richard Jewell & Annie Jewell(nee Murfitt) Warrnambool, Australia 1857 - 1934 jewelld@vrnotes.roads.vic.gov.au
Clara Ann Jewell Melbourne, Asutralia 1800's alanjohn@pop.ihug.co.nz
Cornelia Jewell at sea; Hunterdon Co., NJ c. 1750 margo@teleport.com
Cornelius Jewell New York City 1760's - 1800's NPMaxwell@aol.com
David Jewell Mile End London (Born in Bristol) Born 1795 give or take a year jewellk@nobbys.net.au
Debbie Jewell Ohio or Utah 1800-1900 jewellprincess@mailcity.com
Delbert Clarence Jewell Texas and Louisiana born Nov. 18, 1905 darlafaulks@yahoo.com
Edward Oran Jewell Kennebac County Main. 1800 sarahsue@argohouston.com
Edgar D. Jewell Fishkill and Peekskill areas of New York 1800's and prior schulz@dccmail.com
Edith Jewell Cornwall 1800's - early 1900's justin.halls@brunel.ac.uk
Edwin Jewell Cornwall, England and Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1800-1900 user793871@earthlink.net
Ellen or Elenor Jewell Penn. & Mercer County NY abt1745 monty4@juno.com
Elizabeth Jewell Marhamchurch, Eng 1780's - 1800's desjohn@ozemail.com.au
Elizabeth Jewell Buckland, England 1815 + ccford@om.com.au
Elizabeth Jewell 1890 - 1930 Chicago, US pcxprt@ptialaska.net
Ellen Jewell born c.1811 died 15-Aug-1885 England ? llund@upei.ca
Elwood A. Jewell b. April 4 1867 USA johnj@cmc.net
Elwood Franklin Jewell Adrian, Michigan 1896-1975 smg1@clearwater.net
Emily Jewell Birregurra (Near Colac) Victoria 1800's gtcomm@alphalink.com.au
Ernest P. Jewell Ohio & New Jersry, US 1900s ucjewell@king.mcs.drexel.edu
Eveline Jewell Sullivan IN 1838 - 1873 Deep6666@aol.com
Ezekiel Jewell New York US 1800's rwjewell@hctc.net
George Jewell New Amsterdam (NY), US c1645 rwjewell@hctc.net
George Jewell Frederick County/Prince George's, MD 1710-1760 pje6431@hotmail.com
George & Mary Rowe Jewell Totnes, Devon 1793 onwards denoj@hotmail.com
George S. Jewell Pennsylvania 1800's somefarm@netins.net
George Jackson Jewell Western PA, Mercer Co. 1829 - 1892 mhansen@chesco.com
Georgius Jewell Buried in Westminster Abbey About 1775 JsphJewell@cs.com
Harmon Jewell New York & Michigan 1750 - now kbrummel@grfn.org
Harriet Lashbrook (nee Jewell) NY McHenry County Illinois c1837 ashbrok@lni.net
Hector Jewell Ontario, Canada Early 1900s mjkucy@telusplanet.net
Henry & Burk(e) Jewell Ontario/ Manitoba 1870-1890 jewell@interlog.com
Herbert Merrill Jewell Cherokee, Iowa - Cassville, Wisconsin - possibly NY 1867 and before daw@netexpress.net
Hersey Jewell Minnesota, Wisconsin Late 1800-1969? Sam.Olsen@childrenshc.org
Horace Fredrick Jewell New York 1861 abacus@povn.com
Ivory Jewell Thayer Missouri or Western Illinois late 1800's through around 1920 davidlj42@hotmail.com
Jacob and Reuban Jewell (Brothers) New York 1805-1820 TxGardner@aol.com
James Jewell South Australia 1865 mcandrew@dataline.net.au
James Jewell Cornwall, England and Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1800-1900 user793871@earthlink.net
James Jewell VA 1624-1684 pje6431@hotmail.com
James Brisby Jewell New York and Michigan Pre 1800 RMBrands@aol.com
James Wesley Jewell possibly N.C. & Lyons, Ga & N 1875-1927 jewelld@vrnotes.roads.vic.gov.au
Jane Jewell Devon, Eng. c1832 sandberg@whidbey.net
Jane Jewell Cornwall,UK About 1750 and backwards colinsimmons2001@yahoo.com
Jane Ann Jewell Gwithian Cornwall c1860 janroberts@net-tech.com.au
Joan (Jone) Ellis (nee Jewell) Camborne, Cornwall 1750's CHansen882@aol.com
John Jewell (Bishop of Salisbury) Hingham, Mass. & Plainfield, Conn.US 1700's mbeasley@powerplusinc.com
John Jewell Sussex Co. New Jersey, US 1745 aem@ezonline.com
John Jewell Redruth, Cornwall c1860 jewell@evansville.net
John Jewell Baltimore US 1788 Ann Gersdorf
John(father) and Printis(son) Jewell From CT to Collins-Erie Co.-NY circa 1769-1850's and 1835-1881 mlj2952@cpuinc.net
John Jewell & Susanna Jewell (nee Holly) Warrnambool 1830-1900 jewelld@vrnotes.roads.vic.gov.au
John A. Jewell Barren Co. Ky. 1800's doyle@aye.net
John Albert Jewell Picton Ontario 1920 cyberstar8@hotmail.com
John Franklin Jewell Michigan? 14 Dec 1860- 21 Aug 1956 smg1@clearwater.net
John H. Jewell   1760's - 1800's hoeldke@beeline.ca
John M. Jewell Kentucky, Arkansas, U.S.A. 1835 - 1917 JJtopwater@aol.com
John Painter Jewell Kentucky, U.S.A. 1800s bsparks@unm.edu
John Ryan Jewell New York state (Dutchess Co.?) 1806-1891 whr001@aol.com
John and Rhoda Jewell (brother & sister) New Jersey 1790s aljewell@att.net
Jonathan Jewell Ohio, US 1742 - ???? whitsett@harborside.com
Joseph Jewell Molong N.S.W 1800's lkapeleris@austarmetro.com.au
Joseph Jewell Cumberland Co KY, USA 1800's hkotm@ipa.net
Laura Ann Jewell US Mid 1800's Jacqu271@aol.com
Lea and Frances Jewell Newton Abbott, Devon > New Zealand Late 1800 early 1900"s walsh@primus.com.au
Leslie "Les" Jewell Warnanbal, Victoria, Aus. early 50's bj@tas.webnet.com.au
Lewis Henry Jewell Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey Mid 1800's - 1914 beugflip@aol.com
Lillie or Berzilla Jewell Ohio 1869 --1924 sbysinger@sprintmail.com
Lorenzo Jewell Ireland,Canada, Michigan All and any lorenanfamily@yahoo.com
Lula Pearl Jewell Sexton Station MO 1887 waltrjones@uswest.net
Marjorie Jewell Pa 1918 marjorie@velocity.net
Mary Ralph (Jewell) Helston, Cornwall b.circa 1787 tonhi69@hotmail.com
Margaret Jane Jewell Green Co. PA 1800s Strawn@prodigy.com
Mary Jewell Ontario, Durham Region   jbwinn@home.com
Mary Jewell St Kew 1700s bobbeek@clear.net.nz
Moses Jewell Emanuel County, Ga, US 1750s mgriner@surfsouth.com
Myron Aiken Jewell Albany Co., Wyoming 1905-1916 all4jesusc@go.com
Norma (Jewell) Tracy NC, KY, IN 1786 - 1840 nntracy@pacbell.net
Parkinson or Zachariah Jewell Ohio orVa early 1800's PAgler@aol.com
Peter Jewell Chattanooga & Wharton 1844 - 1909 amx@interpow.net
Preseley Jewell Stafford/Prince William, VA 1750-1825 pje6431@hotmail.com
Ralph Walton jewell Maine? born in 1870 timmons2mc@jps.net
Reuben Jewell Kentucky late 1800's wskhub@prodigy.net
Reuben and Jacob Jewell (Brothers) New York 1805-1820 TxGardner@aol.com
Richard Jewell davidstow con between 1744-1748 serj@thejewells.freeserve.co.uk
Jewell, Richard/Mary's family Can (don't know where) & Mi (Washten. co) 1860 (I have 1870) 1880. 1890. 1900, 1910. 1920 kbobbitt@earthlink.net
Richard & Loveday Jewell Kenwyn, Corn 1800's lrburns@UVic.CA
Robert R. Jewell barren co. , ky, davidson co. tn, va. 1850-1790 bjewe@texoma.net
Samuel Jewell Ohio early 1800's BettyKn@aol.com
Samuel Jewell England to USA to Guysborough < Nova Scotia 1785 ?? gborden563@aol.com
Samuel Thomas Jewell Any Eastern Shore of Maryland County 1840 - 1880
Sandford Jewell Prince Wm Co, VA 1775 - 1800's motorhead8@juno.com
Sarah Cornish Jewel Stoke Climsland Cornwall c.1790s - 1800s janroberts@net-tech.com.au
Sarah M. Jewell Delaware County, NY 1820 - 1893 connieteam@aol.com
Tabitha Jewell Tennessee 1800 - 1860 brm@prodigy.net
Thomas Jewell Eng. > Braintree, Mass, US 1600s 103204.2077@CompuServe.COM
Thomas Jewell England 1600 rjewell@midsouth.rr.com
Thomas Jewell Massachusetts, US c1645 rwjewell@hctc.net
Thomas Jewell Barnstaple, Devon 1810-pres. dsjew@bcsupernet.com
Thomas Jewell Georgia & Florida 1800-1950 MLewis9749@aol.com
Thomas Henry Jewell Canada, Wyandotte in Michigan 1840-1880 marshgurl@aol.com
Thomas Nunn Jewell Budock, Cornwall to Victorian goldfields, Granya 1831 - 1899 pmjewell@albury.net.au
Walter Jewell Pennsylvania, New York 1800-1900 jeanh@interactive.net
Walter Gay Tozer Jewell Devon 1890s-1960s cjewell@glinx.com
Wendall Jewell Tennessee 1900 - 1975 djewell@usit.net
William Jewell Nelson County KY, US 1700's SLRamsey@aol.com
William Jewell Western PA, Mercer Co. 1750's 1830 mhansen@chesco.com
William Jewell OH or possibly NJ late 1700s/early 1800s holly@indy.net
William Jewell Devon, England early 1800's wendyborl@hotmail.com
William Jewell Ontario, Michigan b.1812, died Cheboygan MI ~ 1899 jewell@interlog.com
William Jewell Bocastle, Cornwall 1830's wmjewell@sover.net
William Jewell Lansing Michigan 1800's jewell@familysearch.org
William Jewell Dundee-Scotland 1860-1890? keith.jewell@talk21.com
William George Jewell Ireland,Canada,Michigan 1834 till / lorenanfamily@yahoo.com
William & Caroline Jewell Newington,Surrey,England 1800 cjlefler@dowco.com
William J. Jewell Wellington, Somerset 1880's llund@upei.ca
William C. Jewell Cornwall ENG & New York, USA 1800s cfj@digital.net
William Franklin Jewell Detroit, MI 1837-1883 searchingmyroots@earthlink.net
William Henry Jewell Barry County, Michigan 1832-1888 WHR001@AOL.COM
William Robert Turner Jewell b.birmingham,AL,d.Columbus MS 1860-1960 ep1927@yahoo.com
Zachariah or Parkinson Jewell Ohio orVa early 1800's PAgler@aol.com
Zelotus Jewell Born in Pittsburg, Pa. 1871 VioleLeah.@aol.com
General Jewell Family Research Queries
Any Jewell Line anywhere (US/UK, whatever) 1600's - today rwjewell@hctc.net
4 Jewell brothers (Holland to US) families may have lived in Iowa, Minn.
in later years
Before 1900 johat@alvanet.net
Jewell Tarrytown, New York 1700 tomdenver@aol.com
Jewell Canada Any cjewell@glinx.com
Jewell New York,Ontario,Michigan NY bef 1780, Ont aft 1780, Mich aft 1880 craigjewell@rogers.com
Jewell Family Devon ( Ashburton) 1695 onwards stewartdk@aol.com
Any African American or
slave owner Jewell
Kentucky anytime mejewell@ix.netcom.com
Any Tennessee Jewell Tennessee Before 1890 walter@teacherspet.com