Elizabeth was born on the 10th of July 1842, in the Parish of St Ithians in Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of William & Mary Tozer (nee Sarah). According to her marriage certificate, she was living in Lanner, the same town as John.

At this stage I know little of Elizabeth's life. From the research I have conducted Elizabeth was fairly well educated, this is highlighted by the fact she could sign her name very clearly. Also her marriage certificate shows her occupation was as a domestic maid. This seems to indicate that she worked as a maid at another property. This occupation for females was fairly popular during these times, with many a maid working at houses that could afford such services.

Elizabeth came to Australia with her husband John on the "Caduceus". There is no doubt that the trip would not have been easy on Elizabeth, as she was pregnant prior to leaving, and arrived in Australia about 6 months pregnant. See John's notes, and the notes on Sailing to a new land for further details.

After arriving in Victoria, Elizabeth made the trek with her husband John to Ballarat, where she gave birth to their first four children;

William John Jewell - born 28/04/1870
Elizabeth Jewell - born 31/03/1871
John Jewell - born 31/03/1871
Richard James Jewell - born 26/01/1873
About 1875, Elizabeth, and her family made the trek to Bendigo, where her fifth child was born;

George Henry Jewell, born 06/08/1876. Elizabeth JewellUnfortunately I have found very little information on Elizabeth's life in Australia, but from the reading I have completed, there is no doubt that life for her was difficult. I have however recently been fortunate to obtain a copy of a photograph of Elizabeth with 3 surviving children; Twins - Elizabeth & John jnr, and their baby brother Richard. Looking at the photo, it would seem that Richard is not quite 1 year old. This would mean that the original photo was taken around 1873 - 1874, over 120 years ago, making this the oldest photo in my collection.

Elizabeth unfortunately lived only a short life, and at the age of 36, with 3 young children, the youngest only 1 year old, Elizabeth died. She died on the 10th of October 1877, in Havilah St, Long Gully. According to Elizabeth's death certificate , (a copy of which I have) she died of Pneumonia, after suffering from it for 1 week. Her occupation was listed as a miners wife. Elizabeth is buried at White Hills cemetery. Because of the lack of funds in those days, John could not afford a headstone, and whilst I have discovered approximately where Elizabeth is buried, without a headstone, I can not be 100% certain.

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