There does not appear to be any record of Mary's birth. Research to date indicates Mary was born sometime in 1839, prior to the marriage of her parents, Richard & Charity Jewell (nee Tippett) on 23/10/1844. On all records to date Mary lists her parents as being Richard & Charity. According to family stories she was John sister.

Mary came to Australia on board the ship "Hankow". The ship arrived in Australia on 26/07/1888. According to ships log, Mary was married (?), despite there being no record of her ever marrying. The log shows Mary travelled alone. I have in my possesion a copy of the log. Unfortunately it is a little blured, and could not be scanned clearly.

On Christmas day 1893, Mary married William Frederick Clark William was the eldest child of Frederick & Mary Ann Clark (nee folley). William's sister Maria married a Ninnis. Their son william married Elizabeth, John Jnr's twin sister. William also had a sister Sarah, John Snr's second wife. Mary & William were married in Long Gully, but I am not certain exactly where. A copy of her marrige certificate is on the following page. Mary's age is shown as 49 and her occupation was a housekeeper. Marriage was witnessed by John Jewell Jnr, and Elizabeth Jewell.

Unfotunately Mary's husband William died in 1906 in Bendigo. I unfortunately do not have any details.

According to the 1912 Electoral Roll (ref 238), Mary was living in Havilah St, Long Gully. Her occupation was listed as "Home Duties"

Mary died on the 26th of November 1924. She died at the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, in Moorabin (now known as the Heatherton Sanatarium). Mary died of senile decay and heart failure. Mary was admitted to the Asylum on 24/03/1922 by her sister-in-law Mrs Sarah Jewell. Mary was buried on the 28th November 1924 in 32 compartment 30 at the Cheltenham Cementery. According to Frieda, Mary is buried in a paupers grave. The family did not have the money to pay for a funeral.

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