Ronald Maxwell Jewell was the fifth and youngest son of of John & Harriet Jewell born on the 21st of June 1918 in Long Gully, Bendigo.

At the age of 3, Ron fell off the 2nd story verandah at the back of the house in Thomas Street. As a result of the accident, Ron sustained some brain damage, which left him slightly retarded. Despite this Ron lived a full life, and spent most of his years being an ‘older brother’ to Barrie Bolitho. From the stories that Barrie has shared with me, Ron was a caring and loving person, who was really only slightly retarded.

Ronald and FamilyOn the right is a photograph of Ronald (standing on the right) with his brother Edgar (on his left), Walter Bolitho (on the far left) with his sister Pearl in front (left). His mother Harriet is sitting in front of him

Ron lived most of his life with his mother, until her death in 1956. Ronald then moved to Kew Cottages, where he continued to live a happy life until his death on he 5th of August 1966. Ron was hen cremated and interred at Fawkner Cemetery

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