Photo of RichardRichard Jewell was the 4th child of John & Elizabeth Jewel born on the 26/01/1873, in the City of Ballarat. The birth was reported on the 4/03/1873 by his mother Elizabeth who signed her name. On the left is a photo including Richard

Life on the goldfields was tough not only for the miners, but also from the children, who were prone to becoming very ill. Unfortunatley Richard became another very ill and developed Laryngitis. These days Laryngitis would be cured simply. Unfortunately not only was medicine expensive, and hard to come by.

Richard developed complications and died a month short of his third birthday on 22/12/1875, in Long Gully. He was buried in an open grave at White Hills. Unfortunately there is no headstone. From the cemetery records I have been able to determine the approximate site of his grave. Sadly to look at the ground you would hardly know there was a grave.

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