Photo of Phyllis & EdnaPhylllis was born on the 5th of September 1914 at the family home in Long Gully, Bendigo. On the 9th of January 1937 in Albert Park, Phyllis married Arthur Marshall (son of Arthur & Hilda Marshall). Interestingly Phyllis started to learn the Piano. Her teacher was Ella Jewell (wife of Edgar Jewell). On the left is a photograph of Phyllis with her sister Edna.

Phyllis on her wedding dayArhur and Phyllis had 2 children.

Phyllis lives with her daughter Laurel in Mornington


Photo of Laurel & FayeLaurel Joy Marshall was born on the 17th of February 1940 at the Jessie McPherson Hospital in Melbourne. On the left is a copy of photograph of Laurel as a young girl with her cousin Faye. On the 30th of April 1960, Laurel married Lawrence John Burns (son of John and Olive Burns).

Laurel and Lawrence had 2 daughters

Leigh-Ann Burns

Leigh (or Lee as she prefers) was born on the 1st of January 1964 at the Jessie McPherson Hospital in Melbourne. On the 14th of May 1988 Leigh married Trevor James Edwards (son of Ronald and Velda Edwards). They have 1 child - Tegan Immogen Edwards born 02/01/1995 at the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.

Nadine Dale Burns

Nadine born on the 2nd of September 1965 at the Jessie McPherson Hospital in Melbourne. On the 2nd of March 1990 Nadine married Mark Lawrence Waterman (son of Lawence and Dorothy Waterman) They have 2 children - Thomas Mark Waterman born 15/07/1992, at the Waverley Private Hospital and Grace Adelaide Jewell Waterman who was born on 22/01/1995, on the back seat of her motherís (Laurel Burns) car.


Photo showing a young JohnJohn Richard Marshall was born on the 14th of November 1943 at a Private Hospital in Queens Rd Melbourne. On the 3rd of April 1965 John married Robyn Alton (daughter of Stan and Hilda Alton). On the right is a copy of a photograph showing John as a young boy.

They have 3 children;

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