Photo of John JewellJohn Jewell was the third child of John & Elizabeth Jewell born on the 31st March 1871 in the city of Ballarat, presumably at home. John was a twin to Elizabeth and was born 1 hour after his sister. According to his birth certificate (a copy of which I have), John was delivered by only a nurse which would confirm a home delivery. John Snr was aged 34, and was listed as a miner. John also notified of the birth, but not until 8th May 1871. He could not sign his name. Apparently John was known during his life as Jan. On the left is a photograph of John taken when he was approximately 3 years old. This picture of John is part of a larger photo which includes John's mother (Elizabeth), with Richard on her mother's lap, and John's twin sister Elizabeth on the left. If you select the picture of John you will see the full photo.

On the 21/07/1895 John Jewell married Harriet Elizabeth Pithie in Long Gully, Bendigo. At the time of their marriage John was 24 and his occupation was that of a miner. The wedding was witnessed by Elizabeth Jewell, and Danile Pithie. They were married by the Reverand Alfred Hicks, a Bible Christian Minister. I have in my possession a copy of their wedding certificate.

John & Harriet had 4 boys and a girl.

Edgar John Pithie Jewell - born 16th April 1896
Ewart Norman Gladstone Jewell - born 6th May 1898
Albert Edward Powell Jewell - born 9th January 1901
Daisy Pearl Jewell - born 11th June 1903
Ronald Maxwell Jewell - born 21st June 1918

Below are 2 family photos I have of John's Family. The one on the left was taken early in his life with 3 of his children, whereas the other was obviously taken later, and includes all 5 of his children

Photo of John & his family John Jnr's Family

From what I have discovered to date, John moved about living in various houses in Bendigo. According to information I obtained from an 1899 Cencus John was living in Robinson St, Bendigo. In 1903 he was living in Buckley St, Long Gully and in 1908 he was living with his wife Harriet in Buckley St, Long Gully. His occupation was always listed as a miner

Following the death of his father, John Jewell inherited one of the properties in Thomas St and he took posession on 11th September 1909. At that time his address was shown as Buckley St, Bendigo. He kept and lived in Thomas street until he died on 1st September 1922. The property was willed to his wife Harriet & his son Ewart who were both living in Thomas St at the time. They sold the property to James Caldwell on 22nd May 1924. The 1911 Victorian Directory has John living at 10 Thomas St Long Gully.

Like a lot of children in those days, John followed his father, and went to work in the Carlisle Mine. He worked in various positions including Underground Manager and Manager of the Battery where the quartz was crushed and the gold extracted. Following his father's death John took over as Mine Manager until about 1916 when the mine apparently went into decline. Subsequently the mine was then taken over and John was unfortunately replaced as Mine Manager. According to family stories John went to work as a mine manager at Harrietville, near Bright.

Like his father, John was involved in various community organisations. He was a member of the Long Gully Fire Brigade, a member of The Federated Mine Managers Association of Victoria (Bendigo Branch) and a member of the Zenith Lodge No. 52.

On 1st September 1922, John Jewell died at Thomas St, Long Gully at the family home called "Lanner". He was aged 51 and his occupation was listed as a Mine Manger. He died of Miners Phthisis. The Bailliere's Nurses Dictionary lists Phthisis as being "Advanced or chronic tuberculosis of the lungs, in which wasting is marked. Previously termed consumption, it is less often seen with the advance in the treatment of ealy cases". John was buried on 2nd September 1922, at Bendigo and the burial was conducted by Val Frigge, a methodist minister.

John's headstone reads "In loving memory of John husband of Harriet Jewell died 1st September 1922 age 51 and the above Harriet Jewell died 30th August 1956 age 84, dearly loved"

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