Where do I start? Well I mentioned before that it was from the stories my grandfather told me that inspired me to research the Jewell family and their history. This venture began over 10 years ago and the more I discovered the more I wanted to know.

Whilst we have no relationships to convicts, (an enormous disappointment to some researchers) I have found all the information I have gathered to be very interesting. My research has also given me an insight as to what life was like in those early days and how hard it all must have been. It has allowed me to meet up with and become friends with many of my "relatives", or as the Cornish called them, "cousins".

In compiling this book, I have attempted to record as much history as I have been able to discover about the early life of the Jewell family. No doubt, as my research continues I will learn more. I have made every effort to ensure that the information I have included is accurate. If however, any errors or discrepancies are found, I apologise and assure you that these were not intentional. I would encourage you to report to me any errors or discrepancies you may find.

Due to lack of space, I was not able to use all the photographs people were kind enough to send me, or kind enough to share with me. I have attempted to use the most appropriate photographs, out of the many I have collected.

Please note that all adopted children are shown as children of that family, with no mention that they have been adopted. Any divorces that have occurred are also not mentioned. Please also note that everyone that appears in this book, their names are shown as their birth names.

This book could not have been compiled without the information, photographs and help I received from family members. Once again my sincere thanks to you all.

Photo of Bruce at John's GraveI hope that you enjoy this book, and the information it contains. I will of course be keeping the information up to date, and possibly some time in the future releasing a further version. In the meantime if anyone has any questions, or can assist me in updating both now and in the future my research please feel free to write to me at P.O. Box 115 Drouin Vic 3818, or you can e-mail me at

Bruce Jewell

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