Photo of GladysGladys Jewell was the third child of child of George & Mary Jewell and was born sometime after April 1902 (but during 1902), not long after the death of her sister Myrtle. Gladys was born in Long Gully Bendigo. I have not obtained a copy of her birth certificate, and therefore I do not have the exact details

After the tragic loss of Myrtle you would have thought that it would not happen again but alas, George & Mary were to lose another child. According to the death certificate (a copy of which I have), Gladys died on the 28th of April 1905 of sadly, convulsions, lasting 5 hours. The death certificate does not say what brought about the convulsions.

On the 29th of April 1905, Gladys was buried at the Bendigo General Cemetery. According to my research, she was buried in an open grave. On visiting Bendigo Cemetery I could not locate a headstone, I did however locate the approximate area. To look at it you would not know that anyone was buried there.

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