Frederick was the first child of John and his second wife Sarah, and was born on the 4th of July 1881 in Bannerman St Sandhurst. Birth was reported by Mary Ann Clark, Grandmother. It is also interesting that the nurse is shown as Mrs Ninnis.

Whilst Frederick was the first child of John & Sarah, he was also John's 6th child. Unfortunately Frederick was another statistic of the high mortality rate of infants, and on the 4th of March 1882 Frederick died of Bronchitis, from which he suffered for 6 weeks. Frederick was only 8 months old. He died in Bannerman St Sandhurst. I am not certain if this was their house, or what is at Bannerman St.

Frederick was buried at White Hills Cemetery on 6th March 1882. Unfortunately there is no headstone, however I have worked out roughly where he is buried. To look at the ground you would hardly know that anyone was buried beneath it.

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