Ewart Norman Gladstone Jewell was the second child of John & Harriet Jewell born on the 6th of May 1898 in Long Gully, Bendigo. Ewart was known throughout his life as Norman or Norm. Research indicates that Norm went to school at Bell Topper a school in the nearby California Gully. After leaving school Norm worked at Tarax as a Salesman travelling all over Victoria.

Norm later studied Accountancy and became a qualified Accountant working for a company called Campbell & Connolly, in Bendigo. In 1922 Norm married Marion Cowie Kershsaw (daughter of Walter & Ada Kershaw). They had 2 sons;

Photo of Jack & Kevin

John Walter (Jack) Jewell - born 25th March 1923
Norman Kevin Jewell - born 13th October 1927

On the left is a photograph of a very young Jack (on the right) & Kevin (on the left)

Norm was a heavy smoker who unfortunately developed a diesease called Pythria. The diesease caused him to catch pnemonia. Norm never recovered and died on the 23rd of August 1936 at the Kurmala Hospital in Bendigo. He was buried at the Bendigo General Cemetery.

I have in my possesson a copy of the obituary that appeared in the Bendigo Advertiser on he 23rd August 1936. It reads;

"Jewell - The death occured in a private hospital yesterday morning of of Mr. Ewart Norman Jewell, of Rowcliff Street Quarry Hill, at the age of 38 years. He ws well known in Bendigo and country districts as a traveller for George Pethard Pty. Ltd. Manufacturer of Tarax brewed beverages. The deceased was employed by Mr. Pelhard when he owned a garage in Hargreaves Street, Bendigo and when his business was disposed of Mr. Jewell went into business on his own. For some time he carried on his own, but when the Tarax bars were opened in Bendigo by George Pethard he was appointed local manager. In recent years he was promoted as a traveller, which resulted in extensive travelling in the northern part of the state. The late Mr Jewell was a qualified accountant and gave his service as an auditor gratuitously to many organisations. He had not enjoyed the best of health for some time, and when he became ill a few weeks ago little hope was held out for his recovery. He leaves a widow (formerly Miss Marion Kershaw) and his 2 sons. The funeral will leave his residence for Bendigo cemetery at 2 o’clock this afternnoon."

Norm's wife Marion continued to live a full life until her death on the 10th of May 1984, at the age of 83. She was buried with her husband.


Photo of Jack's familyJohn, or as he was known throughout his life Jack was the first child of Ewart & Marion Jewell and was born on the 25th of March 1923 in Bendigo. On the 21st of March 1945 Jack married Allison Joyce Thomas (daughter of George Thomas & Lucy McPherson). They had 3 children (details below).

On the left is a picture of Jack with his 3 children, and his mother Marion

The details of Jack & Allison's children are as follows;

Ian John Jewell

Ian was born on the 7th of March 1946 in Bendigo. On the 3rd of December 1966 Ian married Beryl Rose Aisworth (daughter of Phillip Ainsworth & Annie MacKenzie) in Concord N.S.W.

Neil Richard Jewell

Neil was born on the 26th of November 1950, in Bendigo. On the 24th of October 1970, he married Rhonda Jenkinson (daughter of Dennis and Nancy Jenkinson). They have 2 sons - Christopher Andrew Jewell born 14th of June 1981 and Michael James Jewell born 12th of August 1983.

Elizabeth Louise Jewell

Elizabeth was born on the 23rd of February 1957, in Bendigo. On the 6th of March 1977, Elizabeth married Trevor Leslie Wall (son of Graham Wall and Kathleen McCormican). They have 3 children - Heath David Wall Born 29th of January 1981, Kellie Louise Wall born 7th of September 1982 and Trent Adam Wall Born 4th of April 1986.


Photo of Kevins Wedding Norman was the second child of Ewart & Marion Jewell and was born on the 13th of October 1927 in Bendigo. Whilst Norman was his first name he was always known as Kevin. On the 30th of May 1953 Kevin married Miriam April Horsey (daughter of Arthur Horsey & Florence Darby), at the All Saints cathederal in Bendigo.

On the right is a copy of their wedding photograph that appeared in the Bendigo Advertiser.

They have 3 sons;

David Maxwell Jewell

8 David was born on the 7th of May 1957, in Bendigo. On the 5th of August 1978, David married Carolyn Ann Gaudion. They have 2 children - Lauren Jewell born 10th of May 1981 and Ryan Jewell born 7th of November 1983.

Richard Kevin Jewell

Richard was born on the 18th of June 1959, in Bendigo. On the 6th of October 1979, Richard married Beverley Louise Weeks (daughter of Kevin Weeks and Betty Law). They have 2 children - Jacinta Ann Jewell born 22nd of May 1977 and Benjamin Richard Jewell born 14th of November 1979.

Bruce Norman Jewell

Bruce was born on the 18th of August 1961 in Bendigo

Kevin was a popular man in Bendigo, particularly in Horse Racing, and Lawn Bowls circles. Tragically though after a short illness Kevin Jewell passed away late 1995. His popularity was higlihted by the number of people that turned out for his funeral. Apparently it was one of the largest seen for many years. His wife Miriam who had been ill for some time passed away in 1996.

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