Elizabeth Jewell Elizabeth Jewell, was the second child of John & Elizabeth Jewell, born on the 31st of March 1871, in the city of Ballarat, presumably at home. Elizabeth was a twin to John, and was born 1 hour prior to her brother. She was delivered by only a nurse, no doctor, which would confirm a home delivery. John Snr was aged 34 and was listed as a miner. Interestingly he did notify the authorities of Elizabeth’s birth until 8th of May 1871. He could not sign his name. On the right is a photograph of Elizabeth taken (on the left) taken when she was approximately 3 years old. The photograph is part of a larger photograph which includes Elizabeth's mother (Elizabeth), with Richard on her mother's lap, and her twin brother John on the right.

Elizabeth & WilliamOn the 28th of March 1899, Elizabeth married William Frederick George Ninnis, at her father's home in Bell St Long Gully, Victoria. The wedding was conducted by Henry Pattinson, Bible Christian Minister. Witnesses to the wedding were Elizabeth's twin brother John and her other brother George Henry Jewell. On the right is a photograph of both Elizabeth and William. Unfortunately I am not sure when it was taken.

Following the death of her father (on the 6th of July 1909), Elizabeth inherited one of the properties in Thomas St, Long Gully. She officially took over the property on the 11th of September 1909. Elizabeth kept the property till the 5th of November 1923, when she sold it to Charles William Halliday.

Elizabeth & William had 4 daughters (however Frieda - one of her daughters says there was 5. An Elizabeth was born and died prior to Elva & Vera, but there is no record). They were:

Elva Delsie Ninnis - born 13/08/1903
Vera Winifred Ninnis - born 13/08/1903
Freida Jewell Ninnis - born 11/07/1905
Lillian May Ninnis - born 20/05/1908

Elizabeth's FamilyOn the left is a photograph of Elizabeth, her husband William, and their children. From left to right, Vera, Lillian, and Frieda.

According to the 1908 Electoral Roll (ref 1259), Elizabeth was living with her husband William in Thomas St, Long Gully. Her duties were listed as "Home Duties". This would have probably 11 Thomas street, because her brother was living at 9 Thomas street. Unfortunatley I don't know anything more about Elizabeth's life, except that she was often called Bessie.

On the 10th of August 1966, Elizabeth died, at the Essendon Private Hospital. She was cremated, and interred in a rose garden at the Western & General Cemetery.


William was born in 1876. I have not obtained a copy his birth certificate yet so I can not confirm the date. I do know that his parents were Henry & Maria Ann Ninnis (nee Clark). Maria was Sarah's (John Snr's wife) sister.

William was a barber by trade. During the early 1900's many people chose to grow their hair, and as a result William was forced to go and work in the mines (supposedly the Carlisle Mine). As a result of this, William developed Pleurisy & Pneumonia and died 10 days after contracting the illness.

According to the 1908 Electoral Roll (ref 1260), William was living with his wife in Thomas St, Long Gully. His occupation was listed as a miner. On 19th of February 1912 William died in Caulfield and was later buried at Bendigo General Cemetery

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