Photo of EdgarEdgar John Pithie Jewell was the first child of John & Harriet Jewell, born on the 16th of April 1896 at the house the family lived in. Edgar went to school at Violet Street Primary School, which was apparently about a 15 minute walk from their home. Violet Street Primary School still stands today. It is located on the corner of Webster, and Old Violet St near Long Gully. Edgar left school at the age of 14 becaue his father decided he should work in the mine.

Photo of EdgarEdgar worked in the mine doing various jobs, including Blacksmith, Stoker and in the battery shop, which was about 1 mile from mine. At the age of 19 Edgar joined the Railways, as an engineer. This was against his fathers wishes. On the right is a section of a photograph I have which includes Edgar taken later in his life.

Photo of houseAfter Edgar's father died in 1922, the family moved to 39 Bridport St, Albert Park. Apparently Edgar supported his family financially. On the left is a copy of a photograph of their home taken around 1930.

Edgar married Eleanor Williams on the 16th of December 1933 at the Methodist Church in Albert Park. According the marriage certificate Edgar was listed as a Railway Employee. His address was shown as 39 Bridport St, Albert Park. The wedding was conducted by Vicar R. Bradbury, a Methodist Minister. The wedding was witnessed by Daisy Pearl Bolitho (Edgar's sister), and Walter John Bolitho (Pearl's husband)

Edgar & Eleanor had 1 boy and 1 girl;

Mervyn John Jewell - born 26/11/1934
Lorraine Eleanor Jewell - born 05/06/1936.

Edgar had a fantastic memory and through his stories gave me the inspiration to research the Jewell family. I would like to repeat what I said in the dedication, "It was from the many wonderful stories we shared during his latter years, that inspired me to research the Jewell family history. Even in his 90ís Edgar was a very informative man who accurately shared family names, dates, facts and anecdotes. It was a pleasure to have spent time in the company of one of lifeís true gentlemen".

On the 31st of May 1989 Edgar sadly passed away at a nursing home in Clarinda, he was 97. He was cremated and interred at Fawkner Cemetery next to his wife Eleanor.

Edgar's FamilyOn the right is a photograph featuring Edgar & his wife, along with other members of the family. At back from left to right : Edgar, his wife Eleanor, Pearl (Edgar's sister), Pearls's husband Walter, Ronald (Edgar's brother), at front are Lorraine & Mervyn (Edgar's children),along with his mother Harriet


Eleanor (or Ella as she was known) was born in the Singapore Straits Settlement in approx 1900. At this stage I have not been able to obtain her birth certificate. I do know that her parents were Richard David Williams and Sarah Ann Lamerton.

Research to date indicates that Eleanor came to Australia with only her father. Her mother died in the Singapore Islands. It seems as though Eleanor was an only child.

On the 16th of December 1923 she married Edgar Jewell. Apparently prior to her getting married and having children Eleanor used to play and teach piano at a Convent in Beaconsfield Pde, St Kilda. After Eleanor's children had grown up, she went back to teaching Piano, however she took on to much and became stressed which led to her becomin ill and her unfortunate death.

Eleanor died on the 6th of October 1972, at Rosehill Private Nursing Home, in Bentleigh. She was cremated and interned on the 9th of October 1972


Mervyn & LorranineMervyn was the first child of Edgar & Eleanor Jewell and was was born on the 26th of November 1934 at the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne. On the 14th of November 1958, Mervyn married Virginia Louise Sprague (daughter of Reginald Sprague & Shelagh Johnston), at the Presbyterian Church in Essendon. On the left is a picture of Mervyn & his sister Lorraine, in the front yard of their parents home in Ormond.

Mervyn and Virginia have 4 children;

Bruce David Jewell

Bruce (yes me!) was born on the 20th of April 1959, at the Queen Victoria Hospital. On the 18th of August 1984 Bruce married Penny Louise Blanden (daughter of William Blanden and Margaret Cox), at Tatra Hut in Olinda. They have 2 children - Aaron William Jewell born 20th of December 1988 and Emma Jane Louise Jewell born 24th of February 1992. To honor his family Bruce recently changed his name to Bruce John Carlisle Jewell and changed Aaron to Aaron John William Jewell. It is hoped that after discovering the family name of John, that this tradition will continue

Paul Andrew Jewell

Paul was born on the 4th of August 1960, at the Queen Victoria Hospital. On the 6th of June 1981, Paul married Sandra Edith Patmore (daughter of Reg and Gwen Patmore), at St Marys C of E in Dandenong. They had 1 child - Tony Paul Jewell born 9th of March 1983. On the 1st of May 1988, Paul was married, to Michelle Malone (daughter of Perry Malone and Beverley Horner), at Lyrebird Lodge in Lysterfield.

Wayne Neil Jewell

Wayne was born on the 20th of April 1963, at the Queen Victoria Hospital. On the 1st of May 1985, Wayne married Julie Leanne Patterson (daughter of David and Jan Patterson), at the Church of Christ in Glen Waverley. Tragically Julie died on the 11th of November 1985. On the 23rd of January 1993, Wayne married Nicole Christine Larmer (daughter of Ian and Christina Larmer). Wayne and Nicole have 1 daughter, Amy Louise Jewell born 13th of February 1995.

Lisa Virginia Jewell

Lisa was born on the 30th of August 1966, at the Queen Victoria Hospital. On the 12th of June 1983 Lisa gave birth to Stacey Renee Jewell . On th 7th of April 1984 Lisa married Paul Mitchell (son of Robert Mitchell and Helen Shanahan). Lisa and Paul have 2 children Matthew Robert Mitchell born 10th of October 1985 and Leeamber Jane Mitchell born 25th of October 1987.


Photo of LorranineLorraine was the second child of Edgar & Eleanor Jewell and was born on the 5th of June 1936, at the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne. On the 6th of May 1961 at St Marks Memorial Church, East Brighton Lorraine married Bryan Jackson Wrigley (son of Eric & Miriam Wrigley). They have 5 children. On the left is a picture of Lorraine. If you select the picture you will find a photo of Laorraine with her brother Mervyn.

Debbie Elizabeth Wrigley born 1st of February 1962 in Bethesda Hospital
David Bryan Wrigley born 16th of May 1963 in Margaret Coles Hospital
Darren Michael Wrigley born 10th of September 1965 in Frankston Hospital
Derek John Wrigley born 27th of February 1967 in Margaret Coles Hospital
Damian Anthony Wrigley born 12th of July 1973 in Sydney Adventist Hospital

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