This book is dedicated to the memory my grandfather Edgar John Pithie Jewell (16/04/1896 -31/05/1989). It was from the many wonderful stories we shared during his latter years, that inspired me to research the Jewell family history. Even in his 90’s Edgar was a very informative man who accurately shared family names, dates, facts and anecdotes. It was a pleasure to have spent time in the company of one of life’s true gentlemen.


There are numerous people I would like to thank for their assistance and support during the many years of research. The first and most important is my darling wife Penny, for all her encouragement and support including occupying our children on our many research trips. Thank you also to Penny for her invaluable assistance with her many proof readings and suggestions on the layout of the book. Without Penny’s support this book would not be possible.

I would also like to thank other "Jewell" family researchers;

A big thank you to all the members of the "Jewell" clan who were kind enough to reply to the many letters I often sent them, and for the photographs they were kind enough to share with me.

I would also like to publicly acknowledge some excellent books which were both an inspiration to me my research and a source of great information. I would thoroughly recommend their purchase. They are;

I would also like to thank the following organisations for the invaluable assistance;

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