In the section History of the Jewell Family, I gave a brief overview of who John Jewell's ancestors were. I also mentioned that John's earliest known ancestor was a George Jewell (or Georgious Jule as shown in the I.G.I.) was baptised on 24 December 1567 at Poughill, Cornwall. If you look at a Parish map of Cornwall I have been fortunate to get a copy of, you will see that the Parish of Poughill (pronounced "Pifffil") is in the far north, only six miles from the Devon border.

Since I first wrote that I decided to try and trace all the descendants. As you can imagine my research is still continuing. and will probably continue for many years. I have created individual pages on each of George's descendants I have discovered so far. To follow the trail, start with George Jewell, where you will find links to his children, and so on.

*George Jewell
*List of known descedants of George Jewell

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