Jewell Family Coat of Arms & the History of the Name

On the left is a copy of the Jewell Family Crest. At this stage of my research I can't find any of my ancestors that can claim either an association or ownership of the crest. However I will kep searching.

For information about the History of the Jewell name click here.

The Jewell Coat of Arms is officially documented in Burke's General Armoury. The original description of the arms (shield) is as follows;

"or on a chev. az. betw. three gillyflowers gu. stalked and leaved vert, a maidens head of the field, ducally crowned of the thired, of the chief sa. A Hawk's lure doubled stringed, betw. two falcons, ar. breaked and legged of the first". When translated the blazon also descibes the original colours of the Jewell Arms as; "Gold, on a blue chevron between three red gillyflowers stalked and leaved green, a gold maiden's head, ducally crowned red; on a black uppea third, a hawk's lure double stringed, between two silver falcons, beaked and legged gold." Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described as: "A arm cut off at the elbow, vested blue, cuffed sliver, holding in its naturally coloured hand a red gillyflower." Thanks to Joseph Jewell who scanned the crest and made it available at this site

I also have other examples of the Jewell Family Crest. If ou would like to see them click here.